Saturday, August 14, 2010

Lens Cracker Issue #0: A Guide to Better Filmmaking

Over any given 6 week period, more video content is uploaded to YouTube than was generated in the combined 60 year history of the three major US Television networks.

Let's face it, people love making movies.

I'm betting, though, that you want to do more than just make movies. You want to make good movies. You want to make movies that people want to see.

I can help you do that.

My name is Bren Daniel MacDonald, and welcome to Lens Cracker!

Consider this the every man's guide to making films. Most people don't have access to the professional rental houses, or the disposable income to order the thousands of dollars worth of equipment online. Lens Cracker is about applying the theories and techniques the Professionals use without breaking the bank.

All you really need is a camera and an open mind; with a little know-how the world of movie-making opens up.

New articles up as they get done, but I'm aiming for bi-monthly.

-How to get more out of your camcorder.
-Composition Basics.
-Common green screen mistakes and how to avoid them.
-Basics of editing.
-Split Screen
-Lighting theory.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Get A Haircut You Hippy!

Appologies for the video quality. I have no f*cking clue why it's so interlaced. I'll look at re-uploading it at some point.