Saturday, November 28, 2009



Who the hell let you in here!?

Come back later!

Still here?

...Okay, fine. Since you won't leave, you might as well pull up a seat and make yourself comfortable. Now's the point, I imagine, where we introduce ourselves. Since you don't exist at the time of this writing, let's start with me, shall we?

My name is Bren. Not Brent, Brett, Brandt, or Larry (long story). It's not short for Brendon, Brencis, or Brennon. Just Bren. I share my name with a Spanish animation house, a female cartoonist, an antique machine gun and jack-all else. Apparently it's German for 'flame', though my father, bless him, would have you believe it's Gaelic for 'little stinker'.

To keep it simple, let's just go with B. D. MacDonald, shall we?

The name of this blog, Trenchcoat Anti-Critic, stems from a growing frustration with professional and amateur film critics and the inherent flaws of the position. I feel that there's a better way... but that's an article for another day.

Between you, me and the roaches this promises to be a wild ride!


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