Friday, February 26, 2010

Spotlight Poetry #1

The following is a poem by the Trenchcoat Anti-Critic and newcomer Merrick following the strict guidelines of Spotlight Poetry. The subjects for this piece were 'Ant' and 'Generations'.

Toiling in a hill built
________on the fallen bodies
_________________of brothers

For the good
________I work

What I make with bleeding hands

____Are you worthy of our toiling?

____Did you choose this path?

Grown to gather,
________do I understand my

I saunter to and fro,
_________mind racing
______________to one thought

I watch as many sweep away from

The good dead for all to live
________________from small ant
________________________to father
____________________________to Queen

______pass unseen

Spotlight Poetry is a form of under-the-gun collaborative writing exercise created by Merrick.

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