Monday, April 19, 2010

Kick-Ass Review

Figured I'd try something different here. Stick Figure Reviews, a name I'll likely be changing to something a little more clever, is basically first reaction looks at movies accompanied by some doodles by yours truly. They differ from my other reviews in that I make no attempt at deep analysis.

Let me know what you think!

Yeah, I got suckered by the trailer and saw it opening. After all, Kick Ass is the must-see movie event of the week. Well, that and Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, but I still have no idea what the hell that thing's about.

Anyways, the film's fun. Go see it.


You want more?


A comic book geek decides to become a superhero. That whole 'superhero-but-for-real' thing takes off in a big way, and some mafia big shots start getting nervous. Oh, and there's a profane, purple haired, pint-sized schoolgirl who likes sharp pointy objects. She's like a walking infomercial ("It slices! It dices! It makes fast work out of- HOLY SWEET MOTHER I THINK I'M GOING TO PUKE!!!").

Remember kids, with no power comes no responsibility.

The movie's vulgar, hyper-violent, off-the-wall insane, and shameless. More than that, it takes a subversive look at the superhero sub-genre and actually succeeds in being one of the better superhero films in recent years. Rather than simply being content with just being another post-modernist superhero movie, Kick-Ass actually has some smart social commentary under the surface. Better still, this undertone never becomes preachy or distracts from the story, characters or action.

I'm of two minds about this movie. Part of me is screaming that practically every one of these characters should be arrested on mass murder charges. The other is gleefully jumping up and down and shouting "That was SO AWESOME!!!".

Kick-Ass is for anyone in the mood for a fun popcorn flick with the Awesome Factor turned up to 11. It's not for everyone, but no film in history has ever accomplished that.


Like Zombieland last year, this movie is pure geek chic and wildly entertaining popcorn entertainment.


Until next time, I'm the Trenchcoat Anti-Critic.

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